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overnight, tropical storm earl moves through the northeast. we'll show you how the storm is affecting labor day weekend travel plans. plus, we look at the places you can still catch some waves and some sunshine. >> i don't know what it is, ma'am. >> it looks like a bomb. >> it looks like a bomb, ma'am. >> we hear for calls during the discovery channel standoff. good morning. i'm kimberly. first we go to our meteorologist kim martucci. >> we have a very nice holiday weekend. we got started with rocky
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weather. it looks like our weather is going to be fantastic. >> great. >> let's get started with the latest. a look around outside, we have clear skies. it is beautiful. temperatures are still in the '70s locally but in the western suburbs, back into the 60s. i want you to take a look at the dewpoint. 44. that's magic this time of year. there's a look at earl as it leaves new england behind. we're in a wake of clear skies. 75 to 74 degrees around here. 66 in martinsburg. a comfortable 80 with low humidity. we have the beach forecast coming up. and how the long holiday weekend is shaping up. >> we didn't get the storm but we get the benefit of a storm having moved through. >> that's right. it's clearing us out. >> all right. thank you, kim. what is now tropical storm earl continues to head north this morning. the once powerful category 4
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hurricane has only weakened and only grazed much of the eastern seaboard. the tropical storm caused only minor damage as it passed through overnight. earl first struck the outer banks of north carolina as a category 2 storm with heavy winds and rain. it caused some flooding there but for the most part earl stayed off shore leaving behind little damage. >> the surface comes up a lot. there's definitely rip tide out there and we're definitely seeing beach erosion. >> still, they are experiencing high surf and rip currents. forecasters say that it should move over nova scotia later today. >> it's going to be a very crowded weekend on area
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highways. 700,000 people will travel more than 80 miles this weekend. 34,000 people will fly. aaa says ocean city, bethany, and virginia beach are the most popular driving destinations for our area. now to the discovery channel standoff investigation. 911 calls give us an idea of what workers saw and heard when a gunman walked into their building and took three hostages. several people tried to give as much information as they could about james lee. jackie benton walks us through the audio recording. >> yes. i'm calling from discovery communications. there's somebody holding a gun inside the main lobby. >> reporter: the calls began coming in to montgomery's 911 center about 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. there was some initial confusion about the specifics but one thing became shockingly clear,
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there was a man with a gun in the lobby of discovery communications in downtown silver springs. >> was someone shot? >> i didn't see. when i walked by him, he said, nobody move and shot in the air and then i ran. >> he's a white male or a caucasian male. he has something in his backpack. i don't know what it is, ma'am. >> it looks like bomb. >> it looks like a gun. >> i don't know how many people have a gun. i don't know if it's just one person who had a gun. >> reporter: one call came from a discovery employee sitting outside the building. >> he's got a gun. he's got a gun. >> reporter: but the gunman had not left the building. he took three hostages. a security guard provided the police with valuable information. >> nearly four hours later a s.w.a.t. team officer shot and
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killed lee and while those calls sounded confusing, the hostages were released in part because of the 911 calls and the information that came from them. people who work across the street from the discovery building have a different story to tell. as the s.w.a.t. team swarmed the area, they saw hostages on the ground. >> i saw them essentially spread eagle on the floor outside the building, not knowing if that's the gunman or the hostages. >> it reminds you how vulnerable we all are. >> they thought twice about posting their pictures on a company blog but ultimately they thought it was right to provide information from their perspective. police in prince williams county want a policy changed in
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the wake of a drunk driving crash that killed a nun. charged with a dui in this case, an undocumented immigrant has two previous drunk-driving charges and in the middle of deportation proceedings when the crash happened. he was still able to get an employment authorization card from homeland security and later used that card to get an i.d. from virginia dmv. now the county police is asking homeland security to close that loophole. we're following a developing story out of new zealand this morning. that's where a state of emergency has been declared. the 7.1 imagimagnitude earthqua caused extensive damage across christchurch. some people are without power and water in their home. >> it was terrible. >> it looked like it was going to fall over side ways and
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shaking back and forth. >> oh, my gosh. it lasted probably 20 minutes. we've got no power or water. >> a curfew has also been declared as police handle lawsu looters. as we approach labor day, a day to honor working americans, new numbers show just how many americans are not working these days. the unemployment rate for americans increased to 9.6%. the private sector has encouraging news by adding some 60,000 new jobs. they hope congress can help with a bill to help small businesses. >> it's a bill that will more than double the amount some small business owners can borrow to grow their companies. it will completely eliminate
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capital gains taxes on key investments. so small business owners can buy new equipment and expand. >> president obama is ex approximate expected to unveil the small business plan for job growth next week. today you can finally get your driver's license in virginia. the commonwealth extended office hours after computer glitch caused problems for days. dmv opened at 8:00 this morning but not only that they will be opened tomorrow and labor day. this kept dmv workers from taking new pictures. a reminder that you must bring proof of identity documents, such as a passport or birth certificate. there will be extended hours next weekend to help get through the backlog of applications. metro is also using this long labor day weekend to make what it calls the largest maintenance project in its
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history. at 10:00 last night, the transit agency closed five stations on the red line for safety upgrades. they include glenn month, wheaton, silver spring, and tacoma stations. metro will offer free shuttles. the work will wrap up by 1:00 a.m. on tuesday. the coast guard checks out the latest platform in the gulf of mexico that caught on fire. now we'll show you if it's spilling oil as well. plus, decision 2010. candidates for d.c. mayoral
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bm ds infamous blow without prevent ter should reach the gulf of mexico sometime today. crews removed the platform slowly being removed from the water. crews are also moving a new blou without preventer into the position.
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the fire started on thursday. each worker jumped into the water and they were all rescued. a federal agency that receives offshore drilling will now investigate what led to that fire. >> so the leading candidates for chairman of the d.c. council are clashing over personal differences. brown says he's taken steps to clear up his debt. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: in a recent washington poll, you will now have a conversation with two candidates. on friday the candidates clashed over reports earlier this summer that brown has been sued by
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credit card companies for $50,000 in personal debt. now brown is being questioned by the campaign finance office over his political activities. >> and it's old news. we've addressed this information a number of times. was it sloppy accounting work on my campaign filing? you take responsibility for that. the credit cards i take responsibility for that. but in terms of what i've done professionally, i've always had the upmost accountability. >> it's not just personal finance. it's now campaign finance. is the person you want to send to wall street to represent us? what's his credit score? he didn't take responsibility. >> what does it mean? >> that he is not responsible. that he lacks judgment. he should have cleaned this up before he came forward. >> reporter: on other city issues, both believe there could
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be tough budget cutting ahead and they could keep budget reform going. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> and a washington post poll shows that brown has a lead over orange. voting is already under way. and voters in prince georges county don't have to vote absentee. they are being allowed to vote early in the election. voters will decide on the nominee for county executive and other county seats. vote at the buoy public library and sports and learning complex in landover. it's 6:16 right now. >> as our forecast improves, really nice weather this weekend. we'll have the latest. if you're headed to the beach or
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well, it's a funny word that has become part of every day conversation and today google celebrates a big anniversary. the popular search engine was
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officially founded on this day, acce september 4th, 1998. google got its name from a number equal to one followed by 100 zeros. the name was made in an attempt to organize the massive amount of information available on the internet. >> to this day i remember carl on his show talking about what a google was. >> yeah. >> and now the 100 zeros are the paychecks that these two guys probably get. >> oh, i'm sure. who doesn't go on google every single day. >> all right. time to get moving. >> okay. >> loving what i have to tell you. >> really? >> so get out of bed? join us? >> yeah. it's going to be great today. grab your coffee. we're ready to go. we've got fantastic weather incoming. it's going to be cool today but still technically summer.
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that's going to feel good. we have a long, dry holiday weekend and we are going to keep maybe some 40s in a nearby northern suburbs on sunday night. yeah, you heard me right. could drop down to the 40s. 74 is where we are at. humidity is 34%. that just feels fantastic. partly cloudy skies. winds out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. we're going to have a breezy afternoon, especially over at the beaches it will probably be pretty windy. heading towards nova scotia, it's going to be leaving the wake of clear skies down the coast. hagerstown, 67. 72, culpepper. this afternoon, mostly sunny off across the appalachians. win chester. 81. here's a look at the atlantic ocean and here is a look at earl
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as we say good-bye. it's now a tropical storm, no longer a hurricane. winds are 70 miles an hour and the pass is going to head through nova scotia. it's going to pick up speed, too. it's moving northeast at 26 miles per hour. now, as we take a look at the beaches and what's going to be happening there, some windy weather in delaware. gusts around 25 miles an hour. otherwise, low 80s. water temperature 177. if you're headed to ocean city, gorgeous. it may be breezy but nice sunshine, 84. water temperature is 74. uv index is 7. it's a beautiful holiday weekend. this wake of clear weather goes way behind my pregnant belly. look at that. you've got to love t sunny and breezy but cooler today. not bad. up to 80.
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75 to 64 and by tomorrow these are 50s here. love that. tomorrow is nice, too. 75 to 80. here it is. extended forecast has us nice and dry and comfortable. one slight chance -- don't be scared off on wednesday, it's only a slight chance of showers. we need the rain, though. thursday and friday back into the 80s. not a bad week. >> at this point you're pregnant enough that you can say let us move out of the way. >> considering i had two pieces of cake, yes. >> thank you, kim. college football is here and that means one thing, chuck's football forecast. chuck couldn't be with us but let us know what the weather is going to be like for the kickoff of the college season. >> good saturday morning. my not being here doesn't mean i'm going to get out of the first weekend of college football. yes, indeed, the college
6:23 am
football forecast, let's take a check of the gains we've got on tap for this weekend. this saturday, youngstown state, the forecast, 66 degrees. west wind at 20 miles an hour. field goal kicking and other points could be an issue. i think penn state is going to win that. oregon state beavers going down to texas to take on tcu. it's a night game. it's still going to be warm. 85 degrees is the kickoff and light wind and i think tcu is going to win this 25-24. university of virginia, 6:00 kickoff. 70 degrees. if you're going to the game, it's going to get chill leechlt the biggest game of the state is utah state. 7:00 kickoff.
6:24 am
i think oklahoma wins that 66-3. a couple of big games going on. carolina tar heels taking on the lsu tigers. the weather won't technically matter because it's inside georgia dome. 77 degrees and 44-10, i think lsu has no trouble there. on monday afternoon a. game at 4:00, the wind is out of the west at 9 miles an hour. i think maryland is taken out. and then in landover on monday night at 8:00, the game i will be attending, boise state. i hate boise state after that fiesta bowl loss. they take on virginia tech and i think boise is going to make a kick late and take the hoakies.
6:25 am
happy saturday, everybody. >> chuck, the virginia game is way bigger than the u of o game. i'm sorry. it just is. high school football season is well under way. dan hellie has your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. teams have to turn their rosters to 53 by 4:00. the first game of the nfl season is coming up on thursday when the saints host brett farve and the vikings. you can see that game right here on nbc 4. to baseball, the nationals in pittsburgh, still in the lineup. appealing the eight-game suspension for his part in the wednesday night game against the marlins. he did not help much. the pitcher gave up eight earned runs. high school football in full swing. a battle in month gom ree
6:26 am
county. brand brand brandon -- and quarterback throws the swing pass and koeco cut back across the field and great blocking. friendly went 20 to 6. that's your sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. it's 6:26 and 70 degrees outside. there's still time for you to head to the beach this holiday weekend. we'll show you the impact of earl on holiday travelers. their father was elected the leader of the free world and their lives have not been the same. we see what life is
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overnight tropical storm earl moves through the northeast. how the storm is affecting labor day weekend travel plans. plus, we look at the places that you can still catch some waves. >> yeah, he's got something in his backpack. i don't know what it is, ma'am. >> it looks like a bomb. >> it looks like a bomb, ma'am. >> plus, the calls from the
6:30 am
discovery channel standoff. good morning, i'm kimberly suitors. aaron has the day off. the news is just ahead but, first, a quick check at our forecast. kim is in for chuck this morning. don't you agree, the utah game -- >> maryland and tech, right? >> and uva and richmond. come on. >> i married a hoakie. >> we've got a great weekend lined up. some great beach weather, too. as you roll over at 6:30, we've got a nice start. how about a fantastic start. 74. i like the sound of that. but we have some 60s in the suburbs from quaintico we're at 69 and as we widen the view, earl is at 70 miles an hour,
6:31 am
blasting, going 30 miles an hour away from new england. today we have a wake of sunshine. maybe a few cirrus clouds. around 80 degrees by then. we'll take about your bay forecast and the holiday weekend forecast coming up. it's all good. and low humidity is nice. >> and didn't the dixie chicks right a song about this? >> earl has got to die. >> good-bye, earl. >> all right. i'm going to stop you there. thanks. >> all right. what is now tropical storm earl continues to head north this morning. the once powerful category 4 hurricane has weakened and has only grazed the eastern seaboard. officials say the tropical storm only caused minor damage as it passed by overnight. earl first struck the outer banks of north carolina as a category 2 storm with heavy wind and rain. it caused some flooding. but for the most part earl stayed far enough off shore leaving behind little damage. concerns remain for some beach
6:32 am
goers this holiday weekend. >> we see the surf come up a little bit. there's definitely rip tide and we're starting to see beach erosion. >> local beaches sustained little damage but are still experiencing high surf and rip currents. earl should move inland later today. more than half a dozen major airlines are waving fees affected those areas by hurricane earl. each airline has a special policy to waive fees. most airlines will be able to book until the end of the day today. check with your specific airline if you have any questions. amtrack will decide whether to resume service between new york and boston. the electrical system was damaged by a tree that fell.
6:33 am
amtrack canceled trains as a preindicatipr precaution for weather by tropical earl. right now there are no issues with amtrack trains here in washington. with earl out of sight, make sure if you're headed to the beach for the long weekend you can avoid some delays on the bay bridge if you travel before 7:00 a.m. and between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. tonight. tomorrow, travel between 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. make sure your vehicle is ready. travel conditions approaching or on the bay bridge, call 1-877-bay-span or logon to shaken up employees from discovery communications could use a long weekend to recover after a frightening standoff in
6:34 am
their downtown headquarters. a gunman entered the lobby and took three people hostage. tracee wilkins reports on the calls for help. >> reporter: the first call came from security inside the discovery communications building. >> five gunshots in the main lobby. >> reporter: the man who told 911 that he was an operations manager for discovery went on to tell the operator that he was in the lobby with the suspected gunman. >> i'm right behind the main lobby in a secure space. >> reporter: behind the main lobby in a secure space? >> yes. >> caller: okay. hold on just a minute, okay? >> yep. >> caller: do you see anybody? >> no. >> caller: then calls came from outside discovery. >> there is a man with a gun at 1 discovery place inside the lobby of discovery communications. >> reporter: 1 discovery place? >> yes. and he's got a gun. he's going through the front desk. he's got people on the floor.
6:35 am
>> reporter: then a call from an employee. >> when i walked by him he said nobody move and i ran. i'm hiding in the kitchen. >> reporter: another security guard contacted 911 and while on the phone noticed the picture of suspected gunman james lee that was posted inside the security office. >> james lee, possibly short black hair, clean shaven, 40 years old. that's the suspect that they think this guy is. >> hold on. you said that he's got one person on the ground in front of him? >> correct. >> reporter: then an officer arrived on the scene. >> someone is running up with a rifle in their arms with a yellow -- >> is it a police officer? >> no, he's in shorts, t-shirts,
6:36 am
a black gentleman. he has a yellow forress sent thing on his shoulder. >> okay. you're good to go. >> is that a police officer? >> yes. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news 4. >> the security guards locked the building up so he could not get to other floors. they were the ones that told the employees to leave and then escorted them out. black water worldwide is under scrutiny once again. senator carl levin, the head of the senate armed services committee wants to know if the government was misled. they've faced controversy because of their conduct in iraq. five stations are closed this holiday weekend for maintenance. darcy spencer has the areas that are affected and what metro is
6:37 am
doing to help you get around them. >> reporter: at 10:00 friday night, metro closed down five stations that will remain closed throughout the holiday weekend. it's the biggest project in its history. >> we've got things that need to be done to keep it in good repair. >> reporter: several hundred metro workers will make repairs and upgrades recommended by the national transportation safety board. this will allow riders to use cell phones on the underground platform. >> if you need to call 911, report something that has happened, you'll have a better opportunity to do that. >> reporter: several riders use this section of the red line every day. many are concerned about how it will affect their weekend and holiday plans. >> i think it's a bad idea because they are going to lose
6:38 am
money and how many are they closing down? five. that's far. >> i won't be able to get my grandson back to his mother for the holidays. so he is probably going to be with me until tuesday. >> reporter: metro officials say they are completing the work when ridership is typically lower. but some complain that they are getting less these days. metro will offer shuttle buses to move them down the line. >> do you think they are going to be crowded? >> i'm sure. it's going to take people forever to get to where they are going. >> reporter: if you plan on using that shuttle system, it may take an additional 40 minutes to get to your destination. they promise to have the trains operating at normal time on tuesday at 5:00 a.m. the trains will likely be going a at a slower speed. >> no time is a good time if
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it's your train, that's for sure. everyone loves a good home cooked meal. we check out the latest safety report. how the first daughters have grown up since arriving at the white with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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though you may love mom's home-cooked meal, is the kitchen really clean? it actually may be pretty dirty, after all. one in seven homes, about 14%, would fail miserably by restaurant inspectors. about 60% would earn an a or b rating. the information was gathered through an internet quiz taken by about 13,000 adults. i think those spoges that you leave on your counter for six months is the biggest culprit. good morning. >> good morning. hurricane earl has been downgraded to a tropical storm but not until hitting the east coast with heavy rain and wind. we've have team coverage up and
6:43 am
down the east coast. also, the latest jobs report while the unemployment rate is up, the number of lost jobs is down. what does this say about the economy? we'll find out. and then kimberly, a remarkable story of a mother who was able to bring her newborn baby back to life. and another palin. bristol is all over the media. we'll tell you what she has to say. kimberly, now back to you. >> about the baby brought back to life, i am curious about that baby's health and whether there were any effects? >> they are going to be in the studio today and i know they were here yesterday. i saw the little guy yesterday. he's now five, six months old. seems to be perfectly healthy but we'll definitely get a checkup on him. >> thanks, amy. the press may get rare
6:44 am
access to the obama girls, but the parents are shedding light on their daughters' daily lives. recently the proud first couple has been talking openly about the girls. >> reporter: president obama says his oldest daughter is growing up too fast. >> malia is just -- just turned 12. say, good luck. she's my baby. even though she's 5'9", she's still my baby. >> she's now almost as tall as her very tall parents. >> and she just got braces which is good because she looks like a kid and she's starting to look too old for me. >> reporter: america's first daughters are in the public eye. but what we're learning is that
6:45 am
the president and first lady are trying mightily to make sure that their daughters live a low-key and disciplined life. >> they are up early at 6:00 a.m. >> and they have to get up, set their alarms, get their own breakfast, make up their beds, put on their clothes, and get to school on time. >> reporter: their schedules are jam packed. >> they do piano, they practic with their sports, sasha does dance, hip-hop, malia does flut. >> reporter: and no tv during the week either? >> the television and computers are off all day until after dinner and right before bed time. bed time is early. >> reporter: the obama girls are not on facebook or myspace and mrs. obama says they don't text because they don't have cell phones. >> for a first family to bring some structure and discipline into the life of their children is fairly unusual in recent
6:46 am
modern times. >> reporter: still, despite being sheltered to some degree, they are not shut out from the news. >> and when i woke up this morning and i'm shaving and malia knocks on my bathroom door and peaks in her head and says, did you plug the hole yet, daddy in. >> reporter: proving that this modern family is pretty traditional behind closed doors. nbc news, the white house. >> an interesting look inside. the president and first lady have tried to keep their daughters' lives as private as possible since moving into the white house. even telling the media that the girls were off limits which is, of course, not unusual when they are young children in the white house. >> i can relate to being that age and 5'9", it's wonderful. >> and braces, too? >> no, not that. but the tall -- you appreciate it with time. all right. we'l
6:47 am
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it's 6:49 right now and in the 70s. you might think that it's going to be really warm but the weather is pleasant. >> the humidity is low and it's a gorgeous morning. so great to have you with us. let's take a look outside the window. we found the clear weather. the sun is up. the dewpoint is 44 degrees. that makes our humidity 34%. the winds are a little busy, though, out of the northwest at 13 miles an hour.
6:50 am
some other numbers show the northwestern suburb and southwestern suburbs in the 60s. can't complain. it's 68 in sterling. 73 at annapolis. here's the satellite radar loop, the clear weather, and there goes earl. he's gone and pushing towards nova scotia as we speak. we'll work on 80 in frederick, maryland. 79 in warrenton. let's talk about the players. earl weakening tropical storm, fiona sizzling. this is a remnant low from what was briefly guston. it could become tropical again. quickly with earl, it's blasting up towards the canadian maritime. and today it will pretty much start to sizzle and really pick
6:51 am
up speed as it ak sell ratccele. it's moving towards bermuda, not as a tropical system. up here, this little guy, that's the one that we're going to watch next. temperature is 80. lots of sunshine. the waves are about two feet. west wind at 10 to 15 knots. it's choppy on the bay. beautiful holiday weekend. at ocean city today, bethany, we're going to have winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. if you can handle that, the water temperature in the middle to upper 70s, highs between 80 and 83. here we are looking pretty good, too. low humidity. coming up tomorrow morning, 50. even downtown, love it. beautiful and crisp. here's the enxtended weather forecast. up into the 80s. the one day with a slight chance
6:52 am
for a shower is wednesday and those odds are not very high. but we will be warm again if not hot. thursday and friday, the end of this week, looking good again. average high is 82 and we'll be pretty close to that. >> all right. thank you, kim. 6:52 right now, school is back in session and that means look inside a more thanootball 17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add jobs, thanks to the amazing power of an open internet that works. america needs an internet that is always getting faster, safer, and more secure. at at&t, our investment last year of more than 17 billion dollars in the wireless and wired networks of tomorrow is what's fueling innovation today and creating jobs and opportunities now.
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a rough outing against the pirates and high school season is well under way. dan hellie has that and more. >> espinoza made his first career move last night and also got his first career home run. back in the lineup after the eight game suspension, on top of a previous seven game suspension. niger could be out for 15 but he is playing now and made a pretty good catch there on that knuckle ball. the aforementioned danny espinoza gets ahold of this going the other way. nice hit here. this is gonzo.
6:56 am
his first league home run puts the nationals on top. nationals down 5-1. a rough start for the pitcher hernandez. thank you very much. takes that all the way to the wall. one-run scores, two-run scores. and they are calling for help in the dugout. it's too late. nationals win the pirates, 8-5. at least four months before he even starts to throw a baseball again because of surgery. and a year to a year and a half until he returns to the majors. in high school football, we are in full swing everywhere. the game back in the day that would have been a barn burn, traditional powerhouse damascus which has fallen on hard times
6:57 am
in the last 15 years. i'm allowed to say that. >> quarterback moved up and finds phelps does the rest and it's not even fair. damascus shuts out mcgruter. a game tied at 6 in the second quarter and friendly is threatening baltimore. swings is over and hobby bottle up on the right side, cuts it back across the field, picks up some great blocking, and the little guy scores the 14-yard touch. friendly wins it 20-6.
6:58 am
college football has arrived. maryland's first game against navy on monday at 4:00. that is in baltimore. and virginia tech opens up at fedex field on monday night. plenty of tickets still available for that one. steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger met yesterday and as expected, the commissioner reduced his suspension from six games to four. roethlisberger eligible to play on october 17th against the browns. good news. but this doesn't help who is expected to start in big ben's absence will miss two to four weeks with a sprained acl. north carolina will be without 12 players, six of them starters for a season opener. the players have been suspended for violating school and or ncaa rules.
6:59 am
one of them has a potential first round pick marvin austin, a stud on the defensive lean. hopefully he's able to come back soon. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody, have a great weekend. >> thank you, dan. what are the chances of people who thought they are not going to travel because of the storm? >> get gone. >> pack up and get going? >> have at it. it's going to be wonderful at the beaches. if you're not going to the beaches, it's going to be wonderful here too. we're going to be back in 25 minutes with another local news update. join us the 9:00 for a full hour of news. until then, have a great day, everyone.

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